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BJJBet Selection - Male
BJJBet Selection - Male

BJJBet Selection - Masculino
28 de Fevereiro

BJJBet Selection - Female
BJJBet Selection - Female

BJJBet Selection - Feminino
28 de Fevereiro


Prize Pool - BJJBet Selection

R$ 1,000.00 Guaranteed


How BJJPicks works


BjjPicks is a fun competition to see who is the best predictor at Jiu Jitsu and MMA events.

To participate in free events you just need to register. To participate in a paid event you need to purchase the Pay-Per-View from and be with your valid membership for the event. In paid events it is necessary to use the same e-mail as the purchase of the Pay-Per-View. With the confirmed registration you will receive 1000 points automatically.
  • Choose an event.
  • Check if you have in your wallet the number of points needed to participate in that event.
  • Make your guess for each available option using your points.
  • The total points must be distributed in all options of the chosen event.
  • You have to complete all the guesses otherwise the system will not let you go further.
  • Important: Don't forget to save your guesses.
The participants' scores will be based on the correct guesses by the outcome of the options. The result is the indication of victory / defeat. The scoring of the right guesses will be based on the following non-cumulative criteria:
  • Hitting the exact score.
  • Hitting the winner and the type of victory.
Picks Multiplier
Points in regular timex 6
Submission before 3 minutesx 9
Submission after 3 minutesx 8
Submission in overtimex 10
Golden Score in overtimex 7
Referee decisionx 5
Blue belt athletex 4
Purple belt athletex 3
Brown belt athletex 2
Example: 100 points are placed in Points in regular time. In case of success you will have a score of 600 points.
The following criteria will be considered for tiebreakers, in the respective order:
  • The most number of acumulated points on how will be the victory
  • The most number of acumulated points on who will be the winner
In cases where there is still a draw the prize will be split.
The reward offered by BJJPICKS will be paid to the winner in American currency and deposited in a bank account. If the winner is not a resident in the USA or doesn't have a bank account in the country, don't worry, our team will contact you and provide all the instructions for withdrawing the prize.
To predict on this website, the user must be considered very technical and methodological and have knowledge of the fighters' skills of the selected event. Therefore, the choice of hunches should be made based on lot of study and research. Consequently, if the technique used by the user is good, he/she is more likely to win. However, if the user's strategy fails or something goes unnoticed, the user's pick may be lost.
It is not a gambling site, quite the contrary, the percentage of luck of each user does not serve as a cornerstone for a good guess in one of the modalities chosen to win the prize offered by BJJPICKS. So, the picks are based on facts brought from the user's knowledge and technical ability and statistics, it is much more than just luck.